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<transcy>Blue from Mata in Costa Rica</transcy>

I have been researching our dye culture and conducting experiments with our plants ... there is still a long way to go but we have already started and it is a great emotion to carry out experiments with the plants that our grandparents used to dye.

The blue of the bush in Costa Rica in the central zone of our country was used with hot water maceration for a while to put on white clothes, like this blue powder to whiten clothes.

But also for its repellent properties they used it mixed with lime to paint our typical house characteristics, incredible truth !!!

Well but that's not all, he had a magical power, to protect the inhabitants of the house from the witches! Amazing, right????

I love all this research and sharing it with you!

I have already managed to carry out several experiments and after sharing knowledge and processes with some dyeing colleagues I have been carrying out some fermentation processes with the blue bush plant and the results are incredible.

I share with you how is the oxidation process in this plant, in these days I am going to show you what was the result of all this work of so much patience ...

The article where I found the information that I tell you in case you want to read it and see everything it says about the blue pigment.

Information obtained from

2 . Revista de las Artes, 2014, Volume 74, Number 1, pp. 91 -104 ISSN 1409-2522

Blue pigment from products of nature Elizabeth Thompson Vicente University of Costa Rica

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