<transcy>About us</transcy>

Buriocr is a virtual store, founded by Mónica Gamboa, she is a single mother, who, being the head of the family, seeks a work option and creates her own company to be able to work from her home, in 2018 the Municipality of Oreamuno through the The Women's Office (OFIM) offers us the Business Plan program and in 2019 it obtains support from the IMAS with the “Productive Ideas” program, this same year FAO invites you to the Gustico Fair in the National Stadium, which opens the doors for a program of artisan women in the Chamber of Industries.

In 2020 we are dedicated to growing as a company and experimenting with new techniques seeking to better understand the art of natural dyes, the production of artisan stamps inspired by our history, customs, biodiversity and the love of being Tico. Along with the development of sustainable products to reduce the use of plastic using fabrics from national factories thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Additionally, we are part of the Association of Artisans of Oreamuno, this year we managed to participate in national programs such as AWE 3.0 carried out by Parque La Libertad and the American Embassy, HP LIFE with the company HP and the UCR.

We are proud to be a Costa Rican company where we produce handmade products, each of our pieces is unique due to the nature of our processes but in them you take part of our heart.